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Fulton, MO Local 2945 fire fighter Deshawn Stallworth is deployed to Saudi Arabia serving as Senior Airman with the 442nd Fighter Wing unit of the United States Air Force.

Several IAFF members are deployed April - October 2013, with the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing in support of "Operation Enduring Freedom." Pictured from left to right are: Staff Sergeant Adam Magers (Battle Creek, MI local 335), Technical Sergeant John Vander Kooy (Holland City, MI Local 759), Air Force 1st Class Tyler Seehusen (Birmingham, AL Local 117), Staff Sergeant Jeremy Brush (Birmingham, AL Local 117), Technical Sergeant Stentsen Ellenburg (Birmingham, AL Local 117), Techical Sergeant Thomas Frost (114th FW Joe Foss Field in South Dakota Local S-17), Technical Sergeant Casey Follensbee (South Burlington, VT Local 3671) and Master Sergeant Greg Price (Birmingham, AL Local 117)

Several IAFF members are deployed until April 2013 with the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing in support of "Operation Enduring Freedom."  Pictured from left kneeling: Master Sergeant Jason Tidwell (Madison, AL Local 4566), Staff Sergeant Jeremy Saul (Harrisburg, PA Local 428) and Staff  Sergeant Josh Bradley (Madison, AL Local 4566). Members from left standing: Master Sergeant Chris Adams (Dekalb County, GA Local 1492), Staff Sergeant Randy Dolhiemer (Manchester TWP, PA Local 3503), Technical Sergeant Jeremy Weaver (Frederick County, MD Local 3666) and Staff Sergeant Nathan Adams (Daphne, AL Local 4647).

Gowen Field, ID Local 4571 sent this photo of three members deployed to Bahrain in September;they are due back in March. From left: SSgt Matthew Harrington, SrA Talin Wardein, and SSgt Miguel Sandoval.

April 20, 2011 - Lincoln, NE Local 644 member Jon Reed (left) is serving at COP Herrera in Afghanistan. Jon is very much in the "thick of things" in terms of the fight there.
In fact, last week a suicide bomber attacked their camp.

March 8, 2011 - First Lieutenant Phillip M. Broderick, 2nd Platoon, Brovo Company 1-168, 34th Infantry Division of the Iowa National Guard (34th Infantry Division, The Red Bull Division)
is also a member of Des Moines, IA Local 4. All members of his platoon were given Local 4 T-shirts to use during down time at their forward post in Afghanistan.

December 20, 2010 -- Members of the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing, 386th Civil Engineering Squadron just returned to the United States after serving five months at Ali Al Salem AB, Kuwait. They were deployed as fire fighters, protecting various aircraft and structures both on and off base.

From left are:  Duluth, MN, Local 101 member Brian Black, Kingsport, TN, Local 2270 member Kevin Risney, Glendale, AZ, Local 493 member Jesse Bayne, Tucson, AZ, Local 479 member Drew Stonecipher,  Phoenix, AZ, Local 493 member Lynn Smith, Maricopa, AZ, Local 4561 member Will Sherwood,  Altoona, PA, Local 299 Ben Parrish, ; SrA Jon Templeton, Pittsburgh, PA, Local 1 member Pete Soergel, and Cleveland, PA, Local 3748 member Kevin Hair.

July 21, 2010 -- Don Herbert, a member of Independence Township, MI Local 2629, is serving in Iraq as a flight medic. He is pictured
walking through Hero's Highway at the Combat Support Hospital in Balad, Iraq.

February 15, 2010 -- Greensboro, NC Local 947 fire fighter Jonathan Smith returned home safely after a year at COP Shocker in Iraq. Smith, who is a chaplain's assistant, says, "Chaplains are non-combatants, so it is my job to help him with all things military so he can focus on the troops. It's also my job to protect him and make sure he stays alive." Smith's platoon worked in conjunction with the Iraqi border patrol, training Army personnel and working at point of entry posts at the Iran/Iraqi border. Because of the remote location of COP Shocker -- about two hours from the closest area to purchase items -- Local 947 and members of Greensboro Fire Department collected items for Smith and his fellow soldiers, including more than 100 pounds of toiletries, snack and personal care items.

February 2, 2010 -- Clockwise from left: TSgt Anthony Wolf, SSgt A.J. Sinsel, SSgt Cody Nichols and TSgt Craig Murdock. All are fire fighters from the 124th Fighter Squadron Idaho Air Guard and Gowen Field Local 4571 in Boise, Idaho.  The men were stationed in Ali Al Saleem AB Kuwait in support of Iraqi Freedom from May through September of 2009.

January 25, 2010 -- Several IAFF members are on a five-month deployment in Kuwait as part of the U.S. Air Force 386th Expeditionary Civil Engineering Squadron, 386th Expeditionary Mission Support Group, 386th Air Expeditionary Wing. Due to security concerns, their specific location is only described as “an air base in Southwest Asia.” The fire fighters there provide fire protection and emergency services for the structures and personnel of our base and the aircraft that fly in and out every day. They are operating just like a fire department would back in the states, training the younger fire fighters, responding to alarms and incidents and providing fire prevention training to the rest of the base. Back row from left are Centerville-Osterville, MA Local 2346 member Thomas Miskiv and Indianapolis, IN Local 416 member Jacob Blair. Middle row from left are Tinker Air Force Base, OK Local F-211 President Todd Lambert; Indianapolis, IN Local 416 member James Michalisko; Sioux Falls, ID Local 814 member Michael Cross and St. Mary’s City, OH Local 3633. In front is Indianapolis, IN Local 416 member Aric Baker.

January 4, 2010 -- Tualatin Valley, OR Local 1660 members SSG Jason Johnson, a Flight Medic with C/7-158 AVN REGT (MEDEVAC), and 1LT Will Coker, Executive Officer/Convoy Commander with A/1-141 Convoy Security Company, serve together in Iraq. Both are Oregon Army National Guard soldiers.


December 23, 2009 -- Woonsocket, RI Local 732 fire fighter and First Lieutenant Justin Prophet is serving in Iraq with the
747 Military Police Company. His unit is training the Iraqi Police.

Fighting the Fight in Kirkuk, Iraq

October 15, 2009 -- Sixteen IAFF members fighting the fight in Kirkuk, Iraq, represent 11 affiliates -- one of the largest numbers of IAFF members to serve together at Kirkuk Regional Air Base. All are members of the 22nd Air Force Reserve Command. Pictured are: Sgt William Burley (Winthrop, MA Local 1070); CMSgt John Fugelo (Upper Moreland Township, PA Local 3407); SSgt Jeremy Williams (Winthrop, MA Local 1070); TSgt Jason Browne (Mobile, AL Local 1349); MSgt Rodney Wilkinson (Buffalo, NY Local 282); SSgt George Romvos (Malden, MA Local 902); MSgt James Twist (Buffalo, NY Local 282); SrA Devon Parsons (Youngstown/Warren Rgl Aprt ARS Vienna, OH Local F-154); TSgt Edwin Ortiz (Buffalo, NY Local 282); MSgt Toby Scott (Fort Dix, NJ Local F-115); SSgt Mike O Connor (Buffalo Niagara Airport, NY Local S-25); TSgt Ismael Alicea (McGuire Air Force Base,
Trenton, NJ Local F-106); MSgt Christopher McArdle (914th Tag, NY Local F-214); TSgt Michael Coleman (Hattiesburg, MS Local 184);
TSgt Timothy Zak (914th Tag, NY Local F-214); and SrA Christopher Baer (914th Tag, NY Local F-214).

Surprise Promotion Ceremony Held for Anchorage Fire Fighter in Iraq 

June 1, 2009 -- Anchorage, AK Local 1264 member Tech. Sgt. Ted Fussell, currently deployed to Kirkuk Regional Air Base, Iraq, with the 506th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron, is a Reservist from Air Force Reserve Command’s 477th Fighter Group at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska. He was recently promoted in his civilian job as a fire fighter with the Anchorage Fire Department. Colonel Eric Overturf, commander of the 506th Air Expeditionary Group and also deployed from the 477th Fighter Group, held a surprise ceremony in honor of Sergeant Fussell’s promotion to Senior Captain May 21.


Waterloo Member Helps Fire Fighters in Afghanistan

April 16, 2009 -- Mike Schipper, a member of Waterloo, IA Local 66 was mobilized for active duty in Afghanistan with the U.S. Navy. During his tour, Schipper helped  the city of Asadabad, Afghanistan's fire fighters with a donation of 16 basic fire fighting manuals from the Hazardous Materials Regional Training Center in Waterloo, where he works part time as an instructor. Local 66 shipped the manuals to Schipper at Bagram Airfield. The Afghan fire fighters and local tribal leaders were appreciative of the training manuals. Schipper has since returned home, and started back to work.


IAFF Members Deployed to Sather Air Base

April 9, 2009 --IAFF members from across the United States serving in the Air National Guard in front of a fire truck with 447th Expeditionary Civil Engineer fire fighters at Sather Air Base, Iraq. Back row, from left: Technical Sergeant David Childs (Aliquippa, PA Local 802); Staff Sergeant Sam Deverell (Letterkenny Army Depot, PA Local F-170); Staff Sergeant Ed Barstow (Altoona, PA Local 299); and Technical Sergeant James Robbins (Hanscom Air Force Base, MA Local F-78). Front row, from left: Staff Sergeant Carlos Chavez Jr. (Dinuba, CA Local 3936); Senior Airman Kevin Jones (Air National Guard Base, Martinsburg, WV Local F-276); Technical Sergeant Peter Mickiewicz (Cambridge, MA Local 30); and Senior Airman Josh Carder (Martinsburg, WV Local F-276).
U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sergeant Amanda Currier


New York IAFF Member Returns from Afghanistan

March 25, 2009 -- Ithaca, NY Local 737 member Lieutenant Thomas W. Deis recently returned from a 12-month deployment as a U.S. Army Sergeant in Afghanistan. Deis is the 3rd Platoon Sergeant for Delta Company 2, 108th Infantry Battalion, 27th Brigade Combat Team, New York Army National Guard. New York's 27th Brigade Combat Team was in charge of Task Force Phoenix VII, Operation Iraqi Freedom. Delta Company was tasked with Security Forces for Camp Phoenix, Kabul Afghanistan.

IAFF Members Serve in Kirkuk, Iraq

February 18, 2009 -- Thomas Smith, a member of Wheeling, WVA Local 12 and 12 of his union brothers are currently serving in Kirkuk, Iraq. The group took this photo after painting the IAFF logo on one of the jersey barriers protecting the fire station.


America’s Sons and Daughters In Good Hands in Afghanistan

January 21, 2009 --IAFF members with family and friends deployed to Afghanistan can maybe rest a little easier at night as C Company, 1st Battalion, 168th MEDEVAC is assuming the medical evacuation mission for the entire Afghan theater of operations. The 168th consists of 150 National Guardsmen from California, Nevada and Wyoming, as well as 15 UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopters. The IAFF is well represented across the board, from pilots to medics, including Laramie, WY, Local 946 member Captain Theron Ritzman, a pilot and 10-year veteran fire fighter. Ritzman’s previous tours include Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. Stockton, CA Local 456 member WO1 Dan Jones (not pictured) last served as a flight medic in Afghanistan. Sacramento, CA Local 522 member SFC Al Smoot is a flight medic and 15-year fire veteran fighter and company officer/paramedic with previous tours as a flight medic in Afghanistan and Kosovo. Marin, CA Local 1775 member SSG David Cornell is a flight medic and fire fighter/paramedic, as well a civilian helicopter flight/critical care nurse. His last tour was as a Special Forces medic in Afghanistan. Also serving are Sacramento, CA Local 522 member SSG Rob Walters, a flight medic and fire fighter/paramedic, with seven years with Sacramento Fire Department. He also had a previous flight medic tour in Afghanistan. Grand Junction, CO Local 2808 member SSG Matt Harmon is a flight medic, fire fighter/paramedic with two years at the Grand Junction Fire Department. Sacramento, CA Local 522 member Sgt. Mike Ferguson is a seven year fire fighter/paramedic. Denver, CO Local 858 Sgt. Eric Cothren, a fire fighter/Hazmat technician with 10 years at the Denver Fire Department last served in Desert Storm. Also deployed are Sgt Alan Sharp a flight medic and fire fighter/paramedic in Central Lyon County, Nevada, and Spc Marc Dragony with Amador County, California, Federal District 16, a former Hotshot and Smoke Jumper with the U.S. Forest Service. This level of care, talent and experience has never been fielded before in a MEDEVAC unit in Afghanistan or Iraq. Their training is well above what is required of an Army flight medic. Once in country, they’ll be divided across the major provinces. Your IAFF brothers have been training hard for the last several months, changing their focus from dropping water buckets on fires in the United States to weapons, night vision goggle flying, hoisting patients up to the aircraft and aviation tactics. Back row from left: Flt Medic Spc Marc Dragony, Grand Junction, CO Local 2808 member and Flt Medic SSG Matt Harmon, Laramie, WY, Local 946 member and Pilot Captain Theron Ritzman, Marin, CA Local 1775 member and Flt Medic SSG David Cornell and Sacramento, CA Local 522 member Flt Medic SFC Al Smoot. Front row from left: Denver, CO Local 858 member and Flt Medic Sgt Eric Cothren, Sacramento, CA Local 522 member and Flt Medic Sgt Mike Ferguson, Sacramento, CA Local 522 and Flt Medic SSG Rob Walters and Flt Medic Sgt Alan Sharp. 


Canadian IAFF Members Serving in Afghanistan

Two Canadian IAFF members are currently serving with the Canadian Forces mission in Afghanistan: Barry Bastow (left), a member of Halifax, NS Local 268, and Lee Harrison, a member of Peterborough, ON Local 519. Bastow, a tactical team leader who is contributing to the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team as a member of the Civil Military Cooperation Unit, told Local 268 that the opportunity to serve overseas is a rewarding and memorable experience.


IAFF Members Deployed to Baghdad

December 3, 2008 -- IAFF members from Tennessee, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oregon and New York serve at Sather Air Base in Baghdad. First row, from left: Moorhead, MN Local 1323 members Rich Duysen and Jason Dewar; Fargo, ND Local 642 members Jesse Schmidt and Chris Pieper; and Tualatin Valley, OR Local 1660 member Chad Eason. Second row, from left: Kingsport, TN Local 2270 members Darrell Hayes and Gary Ornduff; Knoxville, TN Local 65 member Matt Perkinson; Arnold AFB (Tullahoma, TN) Local I-14 members Clint Montgomery and Lonnie Brown; and Cleveland, TN Local 3748 member Kevin Hair. Third row, from left: Uniformed Fire Officers Association of New York Local 854 member Gregg Magi; Uniformed Fire Fighters Association of New York Local 94 members Jeff Daniels, Erik Lahoda, Dale Catlett and Kenneth Lynch; and Lake Mohegan, NY Local 2956 member Patrick Guida.

IAFF Member Makes Stop on Wake Island

November 19, 2008 -- Matthew Lindewirth, a member of Professional Fire Fighters of Missouri Local 2665 and a flyer in the Air National Guard, stopped for a night’s sleep on Wake Island while deployed in support of the Global War on Terror with the Air National Guard (Air Force). Wake Island, which is 2,300 miles from Hawaii and 1,500 miles from Guam with nothing in between, was the site of a famous World War II battle in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


IAFF Members Deployed to Iraq

November 17, 2008 -- IAFF members from locals in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Florida were activated and deployed by the U.S. Air Force Reserves to Kirkuk Regional Air Base in Iraq to provide fire protection services through the end of the year. From left: TSgt. Dana Tesorero (Framingham, MA Local 1652); SSgt. Derek Martinelli (Holyoke, MA Local 1693); SSgt .George Romvos (Malden, MA Local 902); SSgt. Adam Horosky (Danbury, CT Local 801); CMSgt. David Wells (Springfield, MA Local 648); MSgt. Russell Atkinson (Groton Sub Base, CT 219); SSgt. Scott Jacobs (Jacksonville, FL Local 122); and SSgt. Peter Fulton, (Weymouth, MA 1616).


Massachusetts Local President Deployed to Iraq
September 30, 2008 – Springfield, MA Local 648 President Dave Wells is among the latest to be deployed to Iraq. Wells is a Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force Reserves. His unit is stationed at the Kirkuk Regional Air Base. While in Kirkuk, Wells is serving as fire chief, managing 39 fire fighters, many of whom are also IAFF members. Wells and other fire fighters there are staffing three fire stations – 48 hours on, 24 hours off. Additionally, they are responsible for training Iraqi fire fighters from the Iraqi Air Force and the City of Kurkuk. Read more...


IAFF Members Serving at Sather Air Base in Baghdad

IAFF members serving as part of the 447th AEG provide fire protection for Sather Air Base at Baghdad International Airport. From left: SSgt Ronald Wareham, Watertown, NY Local 191; MSgt Terry Edwards, Ft. Smith, AR Local S-24; MSgt Billy Newton, Tinker AFB, OK Local F-211; TSgt Jerry Carter, Ft. Smith, AR Local S-24; SSgt Justin Mankins, Ft. Smith, AR Local S-24; and SSgt Daniel Oldham, Moorhead, MN Local 1323.

Massachusetts Fire Fighter Meets General Petraeus

During Attleboro, MA Local 848 fire fighter Paul Jacques’s most recent tour to Baghdad, Iraq, he had the opportunity to see General David Petraeus several times. Recently, Jacques says the two spoke briefly about their experiences in Iraq. Jacques is back stateside and expects to be back on the job June 17

Connecticut Fire Fighter Fights War on Terror for Third Tour
May 7, 2008 – As the War on Terror continues, more and more IAFF members find themselves leaving their turnout gear, families and friends behind to serve military tours of duty. West Hartford, CT Local 1241 James “Hooch” Matthews, a respected fire fighter and United States Army Reservist, is now on his third tour, serving as Battalion Command Search Major of the 443rd Civil Affairs Battalion, 1st Armored Division in Tikrit, Iraq. Read more...

Connecticut Union Officer Returns From Afghanistan

Joe Duval, secretary-treasurer of Tolland, CT Local 3954, has returned stateside after a year in Sharana, Afghanistan. He served with the Connecticut Army National Guard 1-102 infantry as a Humvee driver and gunner working to secure and protect the provincial reconstruction team. His unit completed hundreds of missions in the Pitika province, including humanitarian aid drops, medical assistance and assessing reconstruction progress. Duval expects to go back to being a fire fighter in July 2007.

Oklahoma Fire Fighter Recognized for Service in Iraq

Brent Judd, a member of Miami, OK Local 1969, has received the Bronze Star for his service in Iraq from November 17, 2003-January 1, 2005. Judd was deployed with the 319th Core Support Battalion in the U.S. Army Reserves. He later was assigned to the 82nd Airborne out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. While serving with the 82nd Airborne, the unit came under fire multiple times at the Bagdad International Airport – sometimes for as long as five consecutive hours. The members of the 82nd Airborne submitted Judd for a Bronze Star, which he received during a ceremony at the end of his tour.

IAFF Members Serve in Kuwait

IAFF members from across the United States serving in Kuwait at Ali Al Salem Air Base include (back row, from left): MSGT Stacy Thomas, Miami Dade, FL Local 1403; MSGT Mark Adwell (CFD #2) , South Johnson County, KS Local 3683; MSGT Gene Berkley, Bloomington, IL Local 49; MSGT Gary Luke, Minneapolis International Airport Local S-6; TSGT Tom Fritz, Martin State Airport, MD Local 3971; (center row, from left): SSGT Stacey Bernier, Portland, ME Local 740; SSGT James Weglein,Baltimore, MD Local 734; SSGT Chris Pieper, Fargo, ND Local 642; SMSGT Chuck Rodway, Bangor, ME Local 772; (front row, from left): TSGT James Cannon, Martin State Airport, MD Local 3971; MSGT Christine Fisk, Des Moines, IA Local 4; and TSGT Bradley Herron, Kansas City, KS Local 64. Nine of the 12 are serving in the 386th Expeditionary Civil Engineering Squadron Fire Department. The other three are serving in other capacities at Ali Al Salem Air Base.

Upstate New York IAFF Members Serve in Middle East

New York local IAFF members currently working a 123-day deployment as crash fire fighters with the 380th Fire Department in the Middle East include: (top row) Bill Burley, Rochester, NY Local 1071; Ken Eason, Buffalo, NY Local 282; Paul Eason, Buffalo, NY Local 282; E Zupkov, Buffalo, NY Local 282; Captain Ken Gippe, Rochester, NY Local 1071; Rodney Wilkinson, Buffalo, NY Local 282; (bottom row) Jerry Aderhold, Niagara Falls, NY Local 714; Dave Beahen, Niagara Falls, NY Local 714 ); Tony Nunez, Rochester, NY Local 1071; and Lieutenant Jim Twist, Buffalo, NY Local 282. All are members of the Air Force Reserve with the 914th Civil Engineering Fire Department out of Niagara Falls International Airport.

Dedicated Indiana Fire Fighter Serves Overseas

  Duane Reddick, a six-year veteran fire fighter and member of Hamilton County, IN Local 4416 is serving on the frontlines Northern Bagdad, Iraq. Deployed with the U.S. Marine Corps B-Company 6th ESB, one of Reddick’s duties is to repair roads damaged by improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and travels with military personnel who deactivate IEDs.

IAFF Fire Fighters in Iraq Honor 9/11


From left: SFC Patrick Rocco of Saratoga Springs, NY Local 343; SRA Mitch Dryer of Oneida, NY Local 2692; TSGT Paul Cowdrey of Bowling Green, OH Local 2379; MSG Kristian Andersen of Chesterfield County, VA Local 2083; MSG Vincent Martinez of Salt Lake City, UT Local 1645; and TSGT Justin Kay of Richmond, VA Local 995. Engine 343 is in the background and was numbered in remembrance of the 343 FDNY fire fighters who perished on 9/11.

IAFF Fire Fighters Show Unity in Iraq

Bottom from left: Sgt. Sean Italiane of Otis Air Force Base Local F-264, Sgt. Christopher McGowan of Saginaw, MI Local 102, Marco Castro of Boston, MA Local 718, and Sgt. Patrick Peterson of Virginia, MN Local 390. Second row from left: Sgt. Stephen Jefferes of Cambridge, MA Local 30, Sgt. George Roig of Elyria, OH Local 474, Brian Campbell of Rock Hill, SC Local 2106, Sgt. Tom McDonough of St. Paul, MN Local 21, and Chris Klaveter of St. Paul, MN Local 21. Top row from left: Sgt. Chris Adams of Dekalb County, GA Local 1492, Sgt. Dan McBennet of Lorain, OH Local 267 and Sgt. Christien Savard of Hanscom Air Force Base Local F-78. Standing on the top row: Sgt. Paul Jacques of Attleboro, MA Local 848.

Illinois Member Proudly Shows IAFF Colors

Streamwood, IL Local 3022 member Gary Jacobs (pictured on the left) is serving his second tour in Iraq as a Gunnery Sergeant. When his fellow Local 3022 members sent him a local t-shirt, he got one of his fellow soldiers to take this picture. He is expected to return at the end of this year.

IAFF Members Fly MEDEVAC Missions in Iraq

Chief Warrant Officer 3 Ron Ryczek, a fire fighter/paramedic with Amherst, MA Local 1764 and Chief Warrant Officer 3 Phil Reeves, a pumper engineer with Bridgeport, CT Local 834 are stationed in southern Iraq, where both are assigned to C Company, 3rd Battalion, 126th Aviation of the Massachusetts National Guard. The two IAFF members fly MEDEVAC missions for the 101st Airborne Division in a Sikorsky UH-60A Blackhawk in the Air Ambulance configuration.

Spring Hill Fire Fighter Makes IAFF Proud In Iraq

Spring Hill, FL Local 2794 member Steven Terry (right) proudly displays the IAFF banner in front of an Iraqi fire and rescue vehicle. Terry has been in Iraq with his unit since November 2005.

Tacoma Fire Fighters Supporting Troops in Iraq
September 30, 2005 - Tacoma, WA Local 31 fire fighters are participating in the “Hero to Hero” program to support troops deployed overseas. As part of the program, fire fighters and police personal literally take “the shirts off their backs,” sign them with messages of support and send them to men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Read more...

Proud IAFF Union Members in Iraq

Pictured from left are Sergeant and Bangor, ME Local 772 member Phillip Hamm, Knoxville, TN Local 65 member Robby Copas and Topeka, KS Local 83 member Anthony Standifer proudly displaying their union T-shirts in front of a fire station in Iraq.

Norwich Local Member Promotes IAFF in Iraq

Norwich, CT Local 892 fire fighter Len Burgmyer proudly displays IAFF stickers on his company’s ambulance in Iraq. more

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